๑۞๑ Welcome to Djazaïriya - the Algerian Women's Support Community Forum ๑۞๑
๑۞๑Welcome to Djazaïriya - A Women's Support Forum for Algeria!๑۞๑

We pray you feel comfortable in your new home here!

Guests and New members :

This is exclusive women's only support group for women of all walks of life, all with ties to Algeria. Each member is a cherished addition to our community. We are accepting of others' viewpoints and opinions on this forum.This forum is for WOMEN ONLY. For impostors, or if you just register out malicious intent please fear Allah:
{Woe to every lying slanderer!} (AL-Humazah)

No backbiting, belittling or bullying is tolerated. As well as no Anti- Algeroism, anti-Islamism, re-publishing content from the forum without premission from the orginal author, solicitation or advertizing with agenda any business or site. This is a warm and friendly forum for all women to enjoy!

To register follow the commands and choose your nickname, a pseudo or your real first name if you like:
ex: Yamina, Um Dawood, Um Samira Abdullah ... etc

Any usernames that appear to be masculine will not be approved and will be denied access to the forum.

While this is a mainly English speaking forum, there are several language groups and chat areas for members to talk or post in their native language. Women from all backgrounds (with ties to Algeria) are welcomed warmly.

Dear Valued Member:

Please sign in to view the forum and get active in the conversation!

BarakAllahu fikoum! - May God's Blessing be upon you!

Have a blessed day! And enjoy your forum! ๑۞๑
๑۞๑ Welcome to Djazaïriya - the Algerian Women's Support Community Forum ๑۞๑
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๑۞๑ Djazaïriya - the Algerian Women's Support Community Forum welcomes you to your portal to all things Algerian! ๑۞๑
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Umm Faiza
Umm Faiza

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PostSubject: Inactive members   Inactive members EmptyWed Feb 01, 2012 1:38 pm

I just wanted to ask everyone's opinion about a rule or forum change concerning inactive members. While we have 83 registered members only a select few are posting. Many have registered but never posted, some have posted only an intro, then never turned, then many are coming in lurking regularly. I have seen the topics which everyone including myself work very hard on to put up, appearing on other forums and sites months before. (The issue is resolved for me, so I will not go into details) I'm currently not active on any Algerian related forum, just to save any issues of fitnah coming in the future.

I have sent out a newsletter to all registered members reminding them of their membership here and inviting them to be active. But as of today, I would like to ask everyone of their opinion of restricting access or deletion of inactive members ... Any comments or suggestions or questions are welcome. As usuaully this is forum "for the people and by the people - everyone's opinions are heard"
Thank you for your understanding.
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Anisa/umm imran
Anisa/umm imran

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PostSubject: Re: Inactive members   Inactive members EmptyWed Feb 15, 2012 4:44 pm

the forum has been up and running now fro a while so it`s time to really see if those that are not active or havent posted all all really want to be here
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