๑۞๑ Welcome to Djazaïriya - the Algerian Women's Support Community Forum ๑۞๑
๑۞๑Welcome to Djazaïriya - A Women's Support Forum for Algeria!๑۞๑

We pray you feel comfortable in your new home here!

Guests and New members :

This is exclusive women's only support group for women of all walks of life, all with ties to Algeria. Each member is a cherished addition to our community. We are accepting of others' viewpoints and opinions on this forum.This forum is for WOMEN ONLY. For impostors, or if you just register out malicious intent please fear Allah:
{Woe to every lying slanderer!} (AL-Humazah)

No backbiting, belittling or bullying is tolerated. As well as no Anti- Algeroism, anti-Islamism, re-publishing content from the forum without premission from the orginal author, solicitation or advertizing with agenda any business or site. This is a warm and friendly forum for all women to enjoy!

To register follow the commands and choose your nickname, a pseudo or your real first name if you like:
ex: Yamina, Um Dawood, Um Samira Abdullah ... etc

Any usernames that appear to be masculine will not be approved and will be denied access to the forum.

While this is a mainly English speaking forum, there are several language groups and chat areas for members to talk or post in their native language. Women from all backgrounds (with ties to Algeria) are welcomed warmly.

Dear Valued Member:

Please sign in to view the forum and get active in the conversation!

BarakAllahu fikoum! - May God's Blessing be upon you!

Have a blessed day! And enjoy your forum! ๑۞๑
๑۞๑ Welcome to Djazaïriya - the Algerian Women's Support Community Forum ๑۞๑
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๑۞๑ Djazaïriya - the Algerian Women's Support Community Forum welcomes you to your portal to all things Algerian! ๑۞๑
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 Forum guidelines and rules

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PostSubject: Forum guidelines and rules   Forum guidelines and rules EmptySun Dec 11, 2011 7:17 pm


Forum guidelines and rules 2864410466 Welcome to Djazaïriya– A Women's Support Community Forum for Algeria – your new home away from home and portal to all things Algerian. We have a very warm and friendly community here and we are so glad that you would like to be a part of it. Not only are we accepting of others' viewpoints and opinions, but we take each others' feelings into consideration before we post and we try to never attack one another. We go to great lengths to not be cliquey so whether you have 1 post or 10,000 posts, you will be warmly welcomed into our community.

Just to make sure the forum runs smoothly we do have a few guidelines that we would love for you to read. I know this may seem like a lot to read through, but we have made these through trial and error and sadly, they are much needed to keep things running smoothly on the forum. We can proudly say that Djazaïriya is all about supporting and embracing each other!

This is a group for WOMEN ONLY forum. Women from all different backgrounds, races, cultures and religions are welcome, as long they have some tie or interest in Algeria. We have Muslims of all faith levels, women interested in Islam and even non-Muslims. We RESPECT each one and consider them welcome here.

For more information on this please refer to the Forum's mission statement in the FAQ section.


1. Women only with good intentions: As mentioned above this forum is for WOMEN ONLY. It is a private forum, only viewable to the members of the group. No guests viewing or posts can be made . To make sure each member is indeed a women with good intentions, the Admins screen each registration. Women we know are of course, easier to approve then ones we do not know. Any member is welcome to invite women to join, please make sure they give you as a reference. If applications are too vague or suspicious they will be automatically denied. For impostors, if you just register falsely out of curiosity or amalicious intent and you're not interested in the forum for the sheer intention of sisterhood and information, please fear Allah:
Quote :
"Woe to every slanderer and backbiter." (Al-Humuzah 104:1)
ANY MEN or JOKERS or PEOPLE POSING AS PEOPLE THEY ARE NOT caught sneaking in or the such, will be removed automatically and their IP address BANNED. This way all members of our forum may feel safe and comfortable.

2. Introductions: Once you have been approved for the forum, you will receieve a welcome newsletter inviting to introduce yourself in the Coffee House section. The letter will be followed by a copy of these rules to review. This is universal pratice in most forums and a sign of good faith. From the date your registration is approved you will have SEVEN DAYS to introduce yourself. After 7 days, if you have not given an introduction then you will automatically deleted from the forum. If your introduction is weak, you will not be able to see the board until you give us more information to get to know you better.
No exceptions.

Please provide the following basic information:

A. Your name or nickname you wish to be called.
B. Your location or place of orgin
C. Your connection to Algeria
D. How you heard about the forum
E. Any other information you would like us to know about you or your family. Giving such information such as your city (if you live in Algeria) is useful in forming friendships and contacts. And/or telling us if you have children (maybe you could find play-mates here on the forum)

3. Greetings: Please remember how important it is (all times) to kind, respectful and courteous. It only starts with saying a kind 'salam' or 'hello' or 'good evening' or 'thank you'. Even though we are online does not mean we should forget our adab (manners).

The Holy Qur'an An-Nur 24:61 says:

Quote :
When you enter the houses, greet one another with a greeting from Allâh (i.e. say: As-Salâmu 'Alaikum - peace be on you) blessed and good. Thus Allâh makes clear the Ayât (these Verses or your religious symbols and signs, etc.) to you that you may understand.

Please also remember to use words such as Hamdullah and machAllah for the Muslim sisters. If you do not know what these words mean then please look under Islam section where we have a list of all Islamic expressions and their meanings. Also under the emoticons you may find smileys to use for your greetings.

4. Chat acronyms: Chat acronyms will be allowed on the forum, as it may be easier for members when writing posts, but we request every member DO NOT USE such rude chat acronyms such as WTF, OMG, etc as these may be offensive to other members. A list of chat acronyms can be found in the FAQ section for those unfamilar with them HERE

5. No Anti-Islamism:This forum was created and run by Sunni Muslims, and goes by the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. While we respect each religion and beliefs, we will NOT tolerate anything being said against Islam, the Holy Books, and the Prophets. Thank you for your consideration. And the same also applies for the religions of all members.
If you have any issue with this, please PM one of the Admins.

6. No Anti-Algeroism: This forum is for all women with connections to Algeria. While everyone may have different experiences in Algeria or with Algerians, some may have good experiences, other may have bad experiences. We MUST be respectful to both Algeria and Algerians. Sarcastic, contemptuous, insulting, racist, belittling comments and any kind of verbal abuse of Algeria or the people of Algeria WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. While the best way to introduce people to Algeria's cultural diversity is through personal life stories and a range of experiences rather than a fixed set of cultural attributes; we do ask even if you state personal experiences or negative aspects of the country or people or culture, beware of your wording as to not verbal abuse anything or one.

7. Deleting or moving posts: Topics will not be deleted unless they go against the guidelines. But they may be moved if the Admins or Mods find it is posted in the wrong section. This is more easier understandable on the forum and ease of use. Not to cause issues or fitnah ( trial, test or discord). If any topic starts flame wars or fitnah, it will be closed. If your post have been moved or deleted, you will be notify by PM.

8. Changing user names: The forum is currently set up that only Admins and Mods have the right to change usernames. If you would like your user name changed, please PM or email one of the Admins or Mods. And they will change it for you in a timely manner.

9. Asking for help and soliciation: We here on the forum was very open to help people, as this is one of our goals here. If you are in need of a prayer request, you are welcome to ask on the forum. BUT approval is REQUIRED from the Admins before posting REQUESTS FOR HELP for financial or other type of suppport help. The Djazaïriya forum can not screen each request 100% but we will do our best to ensure the requests are VALID and NOT FRAUD. But each member offers help at their OWN RISK. Asking for help WITHOUT the approval from the Admin will result in removal of the post.

Also any requests or invitations to any member's business or site, done privately in PM or publicly in the forum is striclty forbidden. Members have the right to ask for their business or site to be advertized in the proper section and also possibly in their signatures. BUT prior approval is required from the Admins before posting.

And any requests or invitations made in private messaging equals SPAM or UNAUTHORIZED SOLICITATION to us, so the member will be removed from the forum then.

10. Islamic posts: If you post in the Islamic section please be sure that whatever you are posting is from a reputable source. The Islamic section is based 100% on fact of Sunni Islam and the correct sources. If you mistakenly post anything in error, you will be kindly emailed just to let you know that it will be deleted. This is only to ensure that we all are sharing the correct information with everyone on the forum, since there are non-Muslim and new Muslims on the forum. Please read Islamic guidelines for further information. If you are unsure, then please PM one of the Admind before posting.
OPINIONS vs FATWAS It is important to state whether what you are saying is your opinion or fatwa. There are many people that are reading your posts (including non-Muslims), so it is important that you state clearly what is according to Islam and what is your opinion. When presenting a controversial point of view, identify whose view it is. For example, if it is your opinion, you can begin with "in my experience...." or "IMHO "(in my humble opinion). If it is a view of someone else's, you could state "according to..."

11. Images: Posting of images and pictures will be allowed, but please beware of posting pictures of people that are NOT your own. Premission from the source or author is a part of proper Internet etiquette. Posting of personal pictures, including ones of your families can be done only in the PRIVATE LOUNGE, where only verified women have access. I ask you don't post them in the main forum. Any personal pictures will be asked to be taken down. And asked to be re-posted in the private area. Please make all your images DO NOT exceed 600 pixels wide. This is for ease and pleasure of the eyes of our members. If you have questions or need help making your pictures smaller, please PM a Admin or Mod.
Any images that are the property of any member of the forum, should be respected as such. No republishing of them will be allowed, tolerated without the premission of their owner.

12. Re-publishing content: We ask that if you re-publish public or private content from the Internet that you have premission from the orginal source or author. We also ask that no content may be re-published extact or similar wording from members of our forum. Any content - topics, images, written stories, articles, recipes even ones not watermarked not linked with a source or author with pior premission will be taken down. Obviously any content you yourself have posted on another area of Internet can be posted on the forum if you so wish to do so.
Any content that are the property of any member of the forum,; including written stories, articles or recipes should be respected as such. No republishing of them will be allowed, tolerated without the premission of their owner. Any violation of this rule; will result in a ban from the forum.

13. Accuracy: While we on the forum will strieve to make sure all information, links and sources are accurate and current; we cannot possibly make sure everything expressed on the forum is accurate or current. Any mis-information or broken links you find, correction of them is appreciated by the Admins and forum members. But the Admins, Mods and the Djazaïriya forum itself takes no responsibility for posts where personal views are expressed on this forum (given that don't violate the TOS - Terms of Service) We make no guarantees that information posted on the forum is 100% accurate and would encourage individuals to research matters independently.

14. Internet bullying: Cyberbullying of any form or kind WILL NOT BE TOLERATED on the forum at all.
What is cyberbullying?
Quote :
"Cyberbullying" is when a member of is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another member.
They may use the forum, other areas of Internet, interactive and digital technologies or mobile phones. Other forms of Cybebullying that will NOT be tolerated on the forum can come in the form of disclosing "confidential" information or pictures, discussing issues they may with another member from other forums, projection, false criticism and patronising sarcasm whilst contributing nothing of any value. It may also include a common tactic of "a number of people have emailed me back to agree with me" about so and so. It may also include any projection, false criticism and patronising sarcasm about Algeria, Algerians in general, Islam and other religions. This is standard bully-speak which I've experienced on several forums. The objectives of bullies are Power, Control, Domination, Subjugation. They get a kick out of seeing you react. We will NOT tolerate any of this on the forum.

If any content is posted on the forum that falls under 'cyberbullying" it will be removed and action will be taken.
If you find yourself being "cyberbullied" then we ask the following from you:

A. DO NOT don't respond and don't engage the cyberbully, as this will inflame them more.
B. Copy the content to a PM and send it to one of the Admins, who will then deal with the issue.
C. Become alert to provocation. A provocative comment is made and those who respond spontaneously in irritation (eg non-assertively) are then encouraged to engage in conflict with those who respond without irritation (eg assertively). The provoker watches, waits and stirs the pot with the occasional additional provocation.

15. Sub-category forum rules: Any rules specific to certain areas will be posted as a STICKY in each section.

16. Double posts: To avoid posting several posts about one subject, we ask members to use the search button before posting. Any questions or comments are welcome to be posted, but if there is already a topic opened on the forum the Admins or Mods will just refer you to that specific post.

17. Member driven community: This forum is a member driven forum everyone's voice is HEARD and LISTENED TO. No comment or suggestion or question is too small or too big. Every suggestion will be taken under advisement. If any member wants to see one topic or section added, please suggest it in the SUGGESTION section and it WILL BE ADDED. We are on the forum are here to serve the purpose of helping, supporting and sharing.

18. Nepotism: No member will membership status will be show any more favour then other in any matter, public or private. Obviously the Admins and Mods have more rights in the matters of deleting topics that violate the TOS, moving posts to their proper section, etc but no nepotism will be given to in the forum. If you any questions or issues please post them in the COMMENTS section or PM one of the Admins.

19. When You Don't Agree: Please ensure that you use wisdom and kindness when offering any advice. If you do not agree with something that somebody is doing encourage an alternative approach and mention the advantages of such an approach, but DO NOT criticize what somebody has done.

20. Rules approval: Upon each new member receiving their welcome letter, a copy of these will also be sent. We ask each new member to read the rules, we ask EACH members to comment to the post in the FAQ section named RULES APPROVAL stating you have read and understood the rules. Also questions, comments, suggestions can be made there also.

21. CAPS & BOLD TYPE: It is a good idea not to use ALL CAPS all the time. IT GIVES THE IMPRESSION THAT YOU ARE SHOUTING! Try to avoid using all bold type. It can become very distracting to the other members who are viewing the topic. But is a good way to make a point in your posts.

22. No Replies: Don't get offended easily. There are some very helpful people on the Internet, and also some very busy people. So don't get offended if you do not get a rapid reply.

23. Pushing Agendas: Pushing an agenda such as a group, a newsletter, a website, a blog, a personal brand of Islam (or other religion) is not allowed. This is a friendly forum where sisters can find support and receive encouragement. Only links to sites, businesses and groups will be allowed which benefit the members of the forum and do not violate the TOA - Terms of Service.

24. Multiple accounts: Users of this forum can only have one account.

25. Banned users: A user already banned, trying to register under a different account, will be banned from the board without ever having access to the forum.

26. Moderating your own posts: Any action of moderation (editing a message, deleted message, delete a topic, moving a topic, etc.). Is not necessarily followed by explanations from members, but is required from the Admins or Moderators.

27. Signatures: All members are welcome to add a signature to their profile that will appear after every post they make. Members are welcome to add tickers, messages, quotes, images, and links as long as they are not violating the TOS which state nothing offensive can be posted. All links in the signatures should be links of a personal nature, like link to your personal website or blog, or business. No links to sites will be allowed that may cause a conflict of interest of the forum or its members, leading to fitnah. Links to other forums that do not form a conflict of interest are allowed. Also all businesses linked should be respectful in nature. The same applys for avatars. But we do ask you all to be respectful to the length of the signature. Signatures that take up much of the screen or images that are very large will be asked to be downsized.

Violations of the rules:
In general, the "3 strikes you are out rules will be applied to the rules and their violation. With the exception of "cyberbullying". In the case of cyberbullying, we will give ONE WARNING to the cyberbully to STOP and APOLOGIZE to the vicitmized member. If they do not do so in a timely manner, then they will REMOVED from the forum and their IP address BANNED.

► About Moderators and Administrators

-The administrators and moderators have full powers to this forum and are here to ensure the forum is a pleasant, constructive and friendly place for all.

- Thank you for show understanding the effors of the Admins or Mods. Their role here is to better the forum and its content. And moderate messages and threads, to make things run smoothly. Their roles are not to change or censor your comments. Only in the case that your posts violate the TOS - Terms of Service can they moderate, change or delete your posts. They are not to be against you but only in the interest of the forum reserve the discretionary right to move, change or delete without notice or justification posts that do not respecting these rules of use, we also have the right to exclude from the forum with the authors warning to their ISP and relevant authorities.

- The IP address of all posts is recorded to aid in enforcing these conditions.

- These people are here to help, so respect them and feel free to contact them for any application.

- Anyone who insults the moderator or administrator will be permanently banned from this forum.

- If you would like to know why an intervention on one of your messages, it should be appear in the Edit Comment section below your post. But for some reason, it was does appear please feel free to ask the question by PM (personal message) to one of the moderators or administrators present on the forum.

- No answer will be given to any messages that are insulting, aggressive or written in an incomprehensible language.

Finally ...
► Know yourself, have patience.
► The regulation applies to all forum members including the Admins and Mods.

Thank you for taking the time to read the rules of the forum. And also for your consideration in observing them. We pray the forum will a safe and comfortable supporting forum for all our sisters and members!


Djazaïriya Forum - The team of administrators and moderators.

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Salaam aleikom wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuhu,my name is Zahra,i live in the UK and i am married to an Algerian,alhamdulillah. I hope one day Algeria will be my home insha Allah. Many thanks for adding me to this forum,may Allah bless you and this page,insha Allah we can all help and aid each other.
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